How I’m Learning Blogging is NOT easy

For the past few years I’ve lived vicariously through other people who “get to travel all the time” for a living.  Every post they made online left me feeling envious, wishing that was me.

I’d come home from work and tell my husband “I just wish I could quit everything and be a travel blogger.”  And he’d tell me to do it.  But I never did because I didn’t understand how people did it.  But very recently I began researching, reading, watching, asking questions, and finally acting upon something I’ve always wanted to have but never tried to reach.

I made this website all on my own.  I made an instagram [TheWrightWays ;)] I didn’t work this summer, had no income, and used just about every penny I had to get out to 2 new countries. I loved it.  I loved every minute of it.  I enjoyed seeing other cultures, taking pictures, posting pictures, being out in the world, exploring, learning new things, and seeing just a small part of the world that I hadn’t seen before.  But now I’m home.  Home wondering how I can continue this “lifestyle”.  How I can afford to get out to the next country.  I follow other people.  I read others’ advice.  It’s overtaking every thought in my mind. All day.  And all night.  I am literally even dreaming about blogging and vacations, sweating in my sleep because I want it so bad.  

I am posting things on here that I can only hope are helpful to people, not knowing if they ever will be.  I am hoping that even one person gets something out of my site.  I hope that even one individual is inspired or helped by one thing I write.  I am constantly obsessing over my accounts tracking the likes, the looks, the every. little. thing.  It’s ridiculous. 

 I know I am in the beginning stages, so I am having thoughts of selling my car and looking into freelance work.  Everyone that became successful at this always says the beginning part was the hardest part, and you have to make sacrifices to gain successes.  I am learning that being a blogger is NOT EASY.  Anyone that is successful from it, DESERVES IT.  And I now give you mad props and congratulations for getting to where you are now.  It is an all in, everyday, type of thing.  It takes sacrifice, it takes time, and it is a lot of work.  I am realizing this now more than ever that I’m trying to live it.  But if others can do it, I want to believe I can too.  

I am asking anyone that travel blogs…. for HONEST advice, for input, for recommendations, for constructive criticism, for tips.  What was most successful in helping to build up your following?  What did you find that provided you with  the best (even minimal) funds in the beginning just so you could get by?  Are there any specific websites, companies, people, more open to helping the newbies and aspiring?  Is there a freelance company or site that you personally preferred?  What are your favorite sites for good travel deals?  Anyone want to collaborate and/or be a guest blogger on my site and/or want me to feature your photo on my page or vice versa?  I want to help others and I want to be successful on my own.  I am ready, this is my dream, and I am so so willing.

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